Every set of ashes is, by default, returned to the family in a sturdy black travel urn. Because the urn is plastic, it isn’t an ideal container from an environmental perspective. However, a large percentage of families want their loved one’s remains mailed or need to take them on a plane to get them home. We made the decision to keep this urn because it is secure, travels well, works as a scattering urn, and most importantly – it is familiar to TSA and customs agents.

Keep in mind that you are 100% able to supply your own urn instead. We love it when families have an heirloom container or something their family member would have loved. Ask us any questions you have about specifics.

Finally, we have an array of environmentally-conscious urns available to purchase. They can be used for ocean or land scattering, or display in your home. See what we offer and prices here.