The cremated remains of your loved one will be somewhere between 6 – 9 pounds. They will fit in an urn that 4”x10”x6” which is basically the equivalent of a bread box.  So that is the amount you will be working with as you make your decision.

The most popular choices of our families are:

1) Keeping the ashes in an urn at home.

2) Scattering the ashes in the sea or in a special location (we are happy to assist with permits for this choice.)

3) Burying or scattering the ashes in a cemetery.

If you would like to separate a small portion of the ashes to place in a smaller urn or jewelry, please let us know. We can transfer the ashes for you, or we can help you to make the transfer. The cremated remains are not dangerous in any way, and it can be healing for the family to be hands on in the process.