Absolutely. Clarity Funerals has multiple safeguards and procedures in place to ensure you will never receive incorrect ashes or remains. We understand how important this is for peace of mind, and the process has been designed to have checks at each stage.

This attention to detail starts when bringing someone into our care, when the family, nurse, or hospital signs off that they are releasing the specific person to us. When the person arrives at our facility they are given a distinct ankle tag.

Prior to cremation, all the documentation is reviewed. In addition, a metal disk with a unique ID matching the paperwork is placed in the cremation chamber with the body. The only thing that survives the cremation process are the bones (ashes) and that metal disk. The bones are processed and placed into a bag that is closed with a tie and that metal disk. If it ever became necessary, you could trace this disk back through the paperwork to see all the details of the process, including when it happened, where it happened, and who performed the cremation.

For more specifics on identification procedures, and ensuring the right ashes go to the right person, our founder Caitlin has created a video that can be watched by clicking here.