While we wish there was a green burial ground (that wasn’t cost prohibitive for our families) closer to Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is the closest memorial park that shares our values.

Here is what they offer in a natural burial ground, adjacent to the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park:

1) No traditional embalming. The deceased is placed in refrigeration until burial. Does not inhibit “natures process” of natural decomposition.

2) An ecologically friendly process by removing the necessity for a vault or grave liner and for the use of toxic chemicals (embalming process). No burial vaults or outside containers are used.

3) Only biodegradable materials can be used for casketing and/or shrouding the body – which can include unfinished renewable wood, woven willow and wicker, raw cotton, or linen and even paper.

4) All of the graves are 100% hand dug. The use of heavy equipment, causing harm to the environment, is not permitted.

5) Seeks to reduce carbon emissions by offering an alternative to the cremation process. Conserves natural habitat and resources.

When a death occurs, you will be speaking to both Clarity Funerals and Joshua Tree Memorial Park. Clarity will take care of everything with regards to filing the death certificate, preparing the body, holding a funeral or viewing (if you wish), and transporting the body. Joshua Tree will arrange the selection of a burial plot and the burial process itself. You can reach them at 760-366-9210.