Terramation (Human Composting) Services

*All Terramation takes place in Auburn, WA, with our partners at Return Home

Make Your Last Act One That Gives Back






We are thrilled to announce that, in partnership with Return Home, Clarity Funerals and Cremation is the first provider of Terramation in southern California. Terramation, also known as human composting, is the process of gently transforming human remains into life-giving soil using only alfalfa, straw, and sawdust. The soil produced can then be used anywhere, from a cemetery or personal memorial garden to being scattered in a sacred place, much like cremated remains. Any soil you do not wish to take is donated to a privately protected piece of

land in need of revitalization, known as the “Woodland.”

How Terramation Works

Here’s a look at how the Terramation process works.

1. Laying In

A laying in allows you to bid your loved one farewell in person or virtually, much like a traditional funeral service. In this step, your loved one is placed in a specially designed, sealed vessel along with alfalfa, straw, and sawdust.

2. Terramation

After the individual is placed in the vessel, oxygen begins to flow through the vessel, stimulating naturally occurring microbes in the body to transform the remains into life-giving soil in 60-90 days.

3. Resting

After the Terramation process is complete, the soil is left to rest and cool for an additional 30 days.

4. Life Grows On

From here, the beautiful, life-giving soil is ready to be returned to the family or scattered on a privately protected piece of land in need of revitalization called the “Woodland.”

Start Your Terramation Arrangements: $6,950

Contact us to start your Terramation arrangements. These arrangements include:

  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
    Preparation, care, and handling of remains
  • One hour viewing in our mock vessel
  • Transportation to a common carrier and coordination with Return Home for transport to SeaTac Airport
  • Disposition of remains into compost through the process of Terramation (Natural Organic Reduction)
  • Packaging and pickup of soil at the Auburn, WA facility
  • Includes air tray for transportation
  • Airline (common carrier) fees and destination funeral charges are not included
  • Can only ship soil within the United States and Canada (additional charges apply)
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