How We Are Sustainable



We are the first to admit that the American funeral industry is far from sustainable. Much more work needed  to create an industry that is focused on the ecological and environmental impacts of dying.  Clarity is prepared for the challenge. Conversations on sustainability are built into every decision we make, from the services we offer to the vehicles we use. Sometimes the removal of common industry practices (like embalming, paperwork, and plastics) can actually improve the experience of our families and fit with our goals of sustainability. We are greener than other funeral homes, but that is not the end goal. We will continue to push ourselves to be leaders and examples of what is possible in the industry. 


Cremation & Carbon Offsets

Cremation is a vital, low cost option for our families and we are proud to offer it at Clarity. We are mindful that cremation does produce carbon in the atmosphere. To offset cremation’s impact on our environment, we purchase carbon offsets from Forterra and are involved in tree planting efforts to sequester carbon. 

Natural Burial

More conventional burial practices involve burying natural resources such as wood, metal, and concrete below the earth. In addition, the body is embalmed, adding toxic chemicals to the mix. With the natural burial we offer at Clarity, the body is placed in a simple, organic shroud or casket and placed straight into the Earth, no chemicals necessary or allowed. 

Low Impact Viewings

Our viewings count on family involvement and personal touches to create a loving, warm environment. We do not offer or promote metal or lacquered hardwood caskets or embalming with formaldehyde. Our viewings will use a white sheet draped cremation casket or an eco-casket. Your loved one will be prepared with minimally invasive, non-chemical methods.

Easy, Paper-Free Arrangements

Our paperless signing system for the documents required for cremation and burial does two things. One it reduces our physical paperwork, plain and simple. Second, it makes it possible for families to sign from anywhere, reducing miles driven and creating a less stressful experience.


Our families are our first priority. But we are also committed to educating families and other funeral homes around the country on best practices for sustainability. Click here to watch a video on the environmental impact of funerals and new green death options created by our founder Caitlin.


We make careful choices in who we chose to work with, including partners that are local, small businesses whenever possible. Our advisors also run small, eco-focused businesses, and we work closely with multiple non profits that are working to make deathcare greener and better.